My First Yoga Class

As promised, I am going to share with you my first experience in a LIVE yoga class! That's right! I managed to work up the courage to attend a public yoga experience.

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The instructor, Willow, and I met through previous races and group runs. I have always wanted to take a class from her because she really knows her stuff, but I would usually let the opportunities pass me by.

That is, until now! Well...not the fart thing, but following through with my goals. In 2016, I want to be more outgoing and try new things and although yoga isn't necessarily new to me, doing it in a public setting is. I really need to break out of this shell I grew on my back!

Anyway, when I first walked in, I was immediately intimidated by two yogis who were already showing off their moves. They were obviously more experienced than myself, but I couldn't help but compare my amateur self to them. I mean, I felt a bit silly sitting silently on my mat doing neck rolls next to a woman was able to stretch her leg straight up by her head! I couldn't be like, "Well, feast your eyes on my fierce neck circles!"

When the class began, we cycled through some poses I knew and have done before (thanks Yoga with Adriene)! In fact, I felt that Willow's teaching methods were very similar to Adriene's and it made me feel more comfortable and confident. I have been doing this in my living room for weeks now!

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Sure, my poses have a long way to go, but I felt that I was doing half decent. It made me realize that I have been making progress. Doing yoga every day was paying off in this practice.

After the class, I realized that yoga was no longer a workout. Instead, it was a habit. I look forward to it like I do my afternoon tea or my evening snack. It relaxes me. It challenges me. It just gives both my body and mind a treat. Though I am not certain if I will do yoga every day after I'm finished with my 30 day challenge, I sure as hell know I will do it more often than I used to!

Have you ever taken yoga class?


  1. I've been practicing yoga for years now -- but just this january I have been working towards a goal of 30 days of hot yoga. I completely agree that my own perspective of it - as a routine not just a workout has completely changed during this time. I look forward to each class, even if it is adding an hour - hour / half to my day.

    1. Years of practicing!? You must be really good then! How far are you into your 30 days?

    2. I started back in 2009, some times on my mat I can do cool stuff, others I am all basic. Today was day 19/30 :)


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