This Week's Agenda

I've been looking forward to this week since I hopped on board with food prepping. Because we never halve meals to accommodate our family of two, we always get tons of leftovers. However, instead of trying to eat them all within the week, we recently started to freeze them back until we had enough to get us both through a whole week of eating.

That week is this one! I only had to pick up some veggies, milk, and cheese from the store and we are good to go! So our meals will be leftovers from the past 3 weeks. Yay for the break from prepping and cooking!

Now on to the fitness schedule!

The plan pretty much matches what I did last week with exception of the long distance run.

Workout Plan
Yoga With Adriene
Ab Ripper X3
6.2 Mile Run
Yoga With Adriene
Total Synergistics
Yoga With Adriene
5 Mile Run
Yoga With Adriene
The Challenge
Yoga With Adriene
5 Mile Run
Ab Ripper X3
Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene
15 Mile Run

I've already finished Sunday and Monday's plan, but I still have yet another yoga workout this evening. I have never been to a live yoga class, so it will be an experience to say the least. I worry that I will make a total ass out of myself, but we will get to that one tomorrow!

I am also a little worried about the long run to come. We are supposed to have a snowstorm Friday into Saturday, which could potentially be heavy.

This is why I have told myself never to train for a spring marathon in the past. Yet, here I for a spring marathon.

I need to move to California. That way I don't have to suffer through snowstorms or Raynaud's. Too bad my job doesn't transfer or accept a doctor's note about why I need to work remotely in CA. Still, it doesn't stop me from looking at houses. *sigh*

Anyway, that's my upcoming week in a nutshell! Posting this will help me stay accountable to what I planned.

What is on your workout agenda this week?

What are your thoughts about training in the snow?

Do you freeze back meals? 

Have you ever been to a live yoga class? What would you tell a first timer like me?

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