Weekly Recap & The Week Ahead

Since I am working hard on keeping my nutrition on point, I thought that this year, I would try to share weekly recaps of my progress and what's to come!

Starting on January 3rd, I began a cleanse to pair with my sugar detox.

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From Sunday to Saturday, I drank three 12 oz glasses of water first thing in the morning, each with their own corresponding supplement. This on top of my clean food plan assisted in me loosing a total of 5 pounds. These products can be found on my Shop RNR page. It will link you up with Arbonne.

Here are a few of my favorite clean-eating meals that I also had this week.

A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

You can see the full list of my food plan for this last week here and get links to where I pulled them from!

I also remained true to the Yoga Camp Challenge, posting a time-lapse video every day to hold myself accountable.

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I also ran 3 days this week. Though the goal was 4 days, I was having some hip issues at the beginning of the week which prompted a rest day. But I was able to kick major ass on yesterday's run.

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It has been about a month since I have been in the double digits. I went out with the intention of running 4 or 5 miles, but since I feel great, I thought I may as well go where my body could take me! I was so proud and felt so healthy & energetic. No doubt from eating well and keeping it sober this weekend.

That's right! I went alcohol free and kept my liquids to water, coffee and tea this week (obviously all without any sugar or creamers!).

It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but saying no to alcohol really helped me keep my weekend snacking under control! This weekend, I will allow drinking, but it will only be bold wines with little residual sugars. Weekends only!!!

Anyway, to keep a visual track of my progress, I took pictures on January 1st and compared it to today.

As I said on Instagram, it is time to replace what I've lost with muscle. So here's the workout/meal plan for the week!

Workout Plan
Yoga With Adriene
Ab Ripper X3
Yoga With Adriene
Total Synergistics
Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene
The Challenge
Yoga With Adriene
Ab Ripper X3
Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene

Meal Plan
SUNDAY: Minestrone Soup - Recipe @ MyWholeFoodLife  
MONDAY: Quinoa Pizza Casserole - Recipe @ MyWholeFoodLife   
TUESDAY: Breakfast Pizza - Home Recipe 
WEDNESDAY: Spiced Chickpeas with Spinach - RW Meals on the Run 
THURSDAY: Chicken Pesto Bake - Recipe @ SkinnyTaste  
FRIDAY: Homemade Pizza - Recipe Coming Soon!!! 
SATURDAY: Chipotle-Cocoa Bison Burgers - RW Meals on the Run

I cannot wait to share with you how I am coming along as I am loving this plan. I haven't felt this good in a while! So if you ask me, everyone needs an added sugar detox! Now, to continue strong this week!!

Have you ever tried a cleanse? What were your results?

Any good, clean meals you had this week? Share them or the websites/books you pull them from!

Have you made any progress with your New Year's Resolutions?

What are your workout/meal goals this week?

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