Give Back To Your Body & The 2016 Detox

Ah! Did I tell you guys how much I love my chiropractor? It is a staple in my life right now. I figured that after demanding so much of my body during the JFK, it was time to give back. Although I started my chiro appointments strictly to make it through the race comfortably, I have continued to go because I am realizing just how important it is to remain aligned and balanced. It has helped ease pain without resorting to prescription medications.

I went today since I have been having the soreness in my knee and hip. After a good crack, electrotherapy, and some attention from The Stick, I feel pretty damn good!!!

I also decided to commit to getting massages. The office I get my back cracked, I can also get a massage from one of their licensed therapists. I got an hour session just last week and have already made an appointment for another later this month. After that, I will do the 30 minute sessions to focus on specific problem areas, like my hips, quads, and knees as they arise.

I am getting really serious about yoga.

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The practice is all about keeping balance in the body and mind. For me, I could really use balance!!! I definitely notice a difference between the left and right side of my body and I want to make sure that gets corrected. Right now, I am doing Yoga Camp on Yoga with Adriene and have signed up for a local yoga class later this month.

When you ask your body to commit to months of training, make sure you give back to it! Don't make demands on your body without giving it a little somethin' somethin' in return. ;-)

Yesterday, I touched on my new eating plan for 2016.  First, I have been trying tons of new recipes from the Runner's World cookbooks and online blogs like My Whole Food Life and SkinnyTaste. I also have been making sure that the foods I buy do not have added sugar (side Fed Up on Netflix). My snacks are mostly consist of veggies, nuts, beans, or homemade almond butter.

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At first, I felt like I was going crazy. I was constantly feeling light headed, I couldn't focus, and I CRAVED about every sweet in the world. But once I found my way out of the fog, I started feeling so much better. I wasn't thinking about sweets 24/7 and felt more satisfied with the meals I prepped, like tonight's Mexican Rice.

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I have already lost 3 pounds and my skin has cleared up! I noticed it today and had a bit of a vain moment where I thought my face looked damn good regardless of wearing next to no makeup! I was previously having an acne problem for a couple of months and suddenly...GONE! Coincidence? I think not!

If these are just a few of things I will notice from my food clean up and sugar detox, I will definitely keep up with it! The benefits far exceed how good a cookie tastes or how easy it is to prep a processed dinner.

What do you do to "give back" to your body?

Are you sticking to those New Year's Resolutions? What is yours?

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