The Results are Showing & Winter Storm Blues

So let me just say that these P90X3 workouts are delicious! I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have an effective 30 minute workout in the morning. When I was doing P90X, it was harder for me to wake up in the morning and find motivation to do an hour+ long workout. So I have had no problems showing up to my living room at 5 am to get my workouts in.

I have also started to notice some changes!!!

Getting closer and closer to that goal every day!

I also purchased the Hammer & Chisel Challenge Pack, which is another Beachbody Program.

After my 90 Day Program with Tony, I want to switch it up to this. The results I have seen from others has really caught my attention and I figured, why not!

Anyway, enough about Beachbody! On to running!

Last night, I went on a group run with CFAR. Though I try not to run outside in anything under 30 degrees to avoid Raynaud's flare ups, I decided to brave the 20 degree temps. It was the last opportunity I had to run outside before snowstorm Jonas so I figured I would just deal with it if a flare up occured. I did make an effort to layer up. I had an Under Armor mock under a long sleeved tee, then a jacket to top it off. I also wore two pairs of gloves and a heavy hat. I was certain I was going to sweat.

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I ran in the back of the pack, which was faster than what I have been running. In fact, I was able to finish just under 45 minutes! Now my times are starting to look somewhat decent for myself!

Peter on the other hand kicked my ass for the very first time! He beat me by about 2.5 minutes and shattered his best 5 mile time by 3 minutes.

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I was proud of him. I knew that he had it in him and I knew that there would be a day he would outrun me. *sigh*

Shortly following the run, my Raynaud's flare up began. Though we had the heat in the car on full blast, I was so tense from the cold and my fingers were in and out of having full circulation. When I got home, I went straight to the shower near tears. I put the water on the hottest setting and just stood in there for about 20 minutes. The hot water dried out my skin and it started to peel. But anything less  than scolding left me shivering.

I feel it is getting worse with every day, but I'm working through it the best I can. I scheduled a doctor's appointment, but I can't get in until March. It is pretty ridiculous if you ask me! Still, I waited this long to have it evaluated and I know that it needs addressed. I will wait it out and suck it up.

But speaking of miserable cold, we are now in full blizzard mode.

I hope all of you who are in this storm's path are staying safe! Hope you all retain your electricity and keep warm! We are just gonna chill and watch movies all weekend...oh and manage 15 milers in between. :)

Have a  good, safe weekend, all!

Which Beachbody fitness plan has interested you in the past?

What clothes do you depend on to keep you warm on your cold outdoor runs? Please include brand specifics so I can check em out!!! :)

Anyone dealing with the snow storm? Running outside or in?

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