Tight Hips Again!? And This Week's Meal Plan

Ah, the new year! Here's to long distance runs and tight hip flexors?

*sigh* I'm at it again!

After taking nearly a month off of running, I was slowly getting back into marathon training. I was playing it smart and gradually increasing mileage and yesterday, after working my way up to 5 milers, and a slow 6 miler, I went out for 8.

I headed to the canal because I think pounding the pavement has really been rough on my joints. Especially the road camber Peter and I have been exposed to. We can literally feel a difference from the left to right side of our body because of the road slant. I wasn't used to it since the majority of my training for the JFK was on trail and canal. So I wanted to get my distance on a soft surface yesterday.

I was absolutely giddy how well it went until mile 7.5. My hips got crazy sore and I had to stop. I stretched it out for only a minute, then continued for the remaining half mile.

Once I finished, I was in some major discomfort so I came home, stretched, and did some super gentle yoga.

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But the soreness in my hip flexor remained. Walking was tough and I rested it once I finished my errands for the day. Though it feels better now, I am not running today or tomorrow. I am also going to continue focusing on stretching and strengthening it. I am NOT going to have another injury.

I wrote a similar post to help correct posture related to tight hip flexors, so it definitely would be beneficial to use those exercises if you to suffer from tight hips. It's my top viewed post, so it's gotta be good, right?

Now, on to the diet side of things. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to eat way healthier. I started this goal last week and thought prepping my meals on a Sunday would greatly help me remain committed to my goal.

I've got this week's ready to go, so here's what's cookin' for dinner...

Sunday: Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili
Monday: Mexican Rice
Tuesday: Beef & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers 
Wednesday: Marinated Chicken with Veggies & Sweet Potatoes - Home Recipe
Thursday: Bolognese Over Shells
Friday: Homemade Personal Pan Pizzas (Gluten Free & No added sugar!) - Recipe to come!
Saturday: Grilled Chicken Gyros with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

These meals will provide Peter and myself enough leftovers for lunch, as well as plenty more to freeze. I plan on freezing many leftovers so I can have one week out of the month where I can be lazy and not cook, but still eat pretty healthy.

I am also giving up alcohol this week.

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This is a pretty big deal for me because I am used to having my weekend cocktails, but this stuff can have some pretty hefty sugar content. So adios for a weekend to give my liver a break! Besides, I found that after reducing my sugar intake last week, I didn't even care for the wine I was drinking last night. I stopped drinking it because I found it too sweet. And if you know me, you know I love sickeningly sweet things. So to turn it down is a great turning point for me!

That, in a nutshell are my goals over the next week: Rest up, eat well, and no boozing, but I think I will survive. :)

Anyone suffer from tight hips and have a go-to stretch or exercise that relieves it?

What are your health & fitness goals this week?

How often do you drink? What do you drink? Any low sugar cocktail ideas?

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