Snow Squall & Fitness Equipment

Last night, we had what's called a snow squall. The wind picked up, the temps went down, and the snow began to fly. We only got a dusting, but snow squalls can appear blizzard-like and cause white-outs. Dangerous for driving and not ideal for someone with a weakened immune system. So I stayed indoors to keep safe and warm.

I had little motivation to hit the treadmill since I had another stressful day at work. I know that exercise helps reduce stress, but when I feel like my brain has been stretched beyond it's limits, sometimes hiding out in a dark room seems like a better idea. So I just had to keep telling myself that the hardest part was just getting to the treadmill and once that's done, I just had to run. I would only run as far as I wanted. If I wanted to stop after a mile, well, at least I tried.

I settled in to it pretty easily and did 5 miles.

I tried to incorporate hills into the workout, but I've just been feeling off, so the last mile or 2 was flat. I am still not where I want to be on time, but my body is getting stronger every day.

Later in the evening, I stuck to my yoga streak and completed Day 11 of Yoga Camp.

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Then I followed up with one of my favorite snacks.

But after that, I got hit with some pretty gnarly dizziness and exhaustion. I was a little fearful that I got bit by the flu, so I immediately went to bed around 9. Thankfully, I woke up feeling like my old self and was able to do my P90X3 workout.

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I am finding that 10 pound dumbbells aren't working for me. But instead of trying to find a weight that would satisfy my needs, I just decided to bite the bullet and purchase these bad boys.

They are a bit steep in price. But if you think about it, dumbbells are about $15-20 a pop when you get up to 15 pounds. As the weight increases, so does the price. I can't imagine buying a new set of dumbbells and taking up space that I really don't have right now. These will solve that problem for sure!

I also purchased Equalizer Bars.

I will use it as a pull up station like the girl demonstrates above. P90X3 depends on pull up bars! And since I don't trust the walls in this old house to hold me up, nor do we have stable doors for a resistance band, I got this as an alternative.

So I think I have dropped enough cash for one day!!! But I figure an investment in fitness equipment is good considering I workout multiple times a week and want to build up those muscles!

Any snow in your neck of the woods? At what point do you say no to running in snow?

What's your favorite healthy snack?

What fitness equipment have you invested in to enhance your workouts? Does price matter?


  1. Girl, you are doing awesome with your workouts! The hardest part for me is my diet. I love chocolate too much to give it up. I envy you doing yoga! I need to try to implement more of it into my workouts as well.

    1. Thanks! Diet has always been the weakest part of my health. I always tried to make excuses as to why I needed the junk. But there really isn't an excuse. Since I've started eating better, I am finding that I have more energy and my workouts are getting more manageable. I also have more of a level head!

      I definitely recommend yoga. Even if it is easy peasy yoga, like what I am doing. It just helps keep you balanced, loose, and aware of what your body needs. Check out


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