Let's Sweat Pink and Celebrate!

It's officially the weekend and I have never been more excited!

My birthday is this weekend so having a blast is my #1 priority!! Even though my 25th birthday  happens to fall on Memorial Day this year, I still have plans to a big celebration for myself!!!

And is anyone else thinking "25 mile run?"

My extended weekend has already begun on an awesome note. I received an invitation to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I am honored to be among other fit females who possess a passion for active/healthy lifestyles. I look forward to meeting/working with you all. Let's be fitness friends and...

Speaking of sweat and fitness, I am taking a rest day today. It is normal for me to abstain from running on Thursdays, but for some odd reason, I am feeling terribly guilty for it! In fact, I was planning on taking yesterday off as well, but ended up doing a quick 2.25 mile run on the treadmill. It wasn't far, but I legitimately need a rest day this evening. If I don't take one, I will end up hating myself as I plan on running every day of my 5 day weekend!

I believe that will make up for the guilt of resting today...and the guilt for drinking this Mike's Hard Lemonade...

I really need to give myself a break. I will keep using the "My birthday is this weekend" excuse, but in all seriousness, everyone deserves to take a vacation from the norm. Whether it is having a drink on a Thursday night (when you only allow drinking on weekends) or switching up rest days. It is okay! You will hop on the fitness wagon once your vacation is over. No need to give yourself a hard time. EVER! You work too hard. :o)

Now, I know I said that I would be writing about body fat in my previous post, but I'm going to hold off till after the birthday/holiday madness! I may or may not be updating as frequently this weekend since I will be uber busy! But I'll make sure to update you on all the details when I do post again!

I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and fit holiday weekend!

And don't forget to sign up for my Spartan Race Giveaway! I extended the contest till 5/29!

What did you do for your last birthday? 

Do you workout on your birthday? Or do you treat it as a vacation/rest day?

Are you an ambassador for Sweat Pink?

Do you find it difficult to take rest days or break one of your normal practices (like drinking during a day you don't normally allow it?)

What are your Memorial Day plans?


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    1. Happy early birthday! Aren't people born in May of 88 the best? ;-)

      What are your plans?


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