Are You Eating Enough?

You just had a fantastic weekend. One that consisted of good food, friends, and a mid-year Halloween Party...
I was a runner...haha!
...then your alarm goes off at 6am, abruptly waking you from your peaceful slumber.

Yes, it's Monday and as always, you would typically expect this day to suck (yay optimism). However, with the attitude that Monday's are terrible, you'd think there wouldn't be any surprises. If things happen to go wrong, you simply say "Oh, it's Monday" and continue with your day.

Ugh, not for me. I received an unexpected call from my doctor. After my not-so-swell appointment about 3 weeks ago, my doctor told me"If you don't hear anything from us, no news is good news." Well, I got some news this morning and I have to return for further testing. I'm not injured, I'm not dying, and I don't have an incurable disease. I do have some abnormalities that are a concern though. So let's hope for the best.

But not to dwell...
I read an a great post on Skinny Runner's blog that I think all female runner's should take a look at. I, for one, have never heard of Female Athlete Triad Syndrome (FATS). For those of you that are just as uneducated as I am, it's a form of "disordered eating" (not to be confused with an eating disorder). This more so is relative to those that exercise a lot and do not take in the amount of calories they need.

I, personally, aim to eat my weight in food every day...

Though, sometimes I do wonder if I actually eat enough. I have a relatively low body fat percentage and it may be lower than what is recommended for a runner. I don't experience all of the symptoms that come along with FATS, but it is something I do need be aware and careful of. As should all women.

Really evaluate your eating habits before you decide that you should have less of something. Don't trade in that chicken sandwich for a salad just yet. Those 40+ miles you put in every week may need those additional calories.

Runners should not look like super models (we are sexy already, right?).

If we were proportioned like the women you see in magazines, we would be frequently injured, unable to compete, and downright miserable! I mean, come one, who doesn't love to eat anyway!? And if you're like me, you do not want to suffer and injury that keeps you from running.


Anyway, this was not originally what I was going to post about. But I was inspired by the blog post I did see and thought it was worth discussing and sharing.

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good or bad Monday? 

What's your least favorite day of the week? Why?

Ever heard of or have dealt with Female Athlete Triad Syndrom?

Do you question the amount of food you eat in comparison to your workouts?

Have you ever had "disordered eating" habits.


  1. I always worry about whether or not I am eating RIGHT. I worry I'm not getting enough protein sometimes and, because I'm a finicky eater, that I'm not eating at the right times. But, I figure, the human body is meant to endure so, as long as you do eat enough FOOD, you should be able to recover.


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