Food Foto & Forerunner Friday

Since my Friday food intake has been a bit repetitive, I'm not going to bore you with a play by play of my meals. I'll leave you with the highlights!!

I LOVE runny yokes :)
Pyramid of lunch! Salad (bottom), yogurt (middle),
strawberries and raspberries for yogurt(top) !
So excited about the berries. They were delicious!
I was a bit naughty. But I deserved it!

Once I was free from the prison I like to call work, I was determined to find a Garmin Forerunner. I have been saving up for quite some time and I wanted one for this weekend when I attended the Frederick Running Festival. Peter and I visited several different sporting goods and fitness stores, but came out empty handed.

I went home defeated with a bottle of Loopy vodka and a 6 pack of Mike's Lemonade.

So it wasn't a complete waste of gas ;o)

I decided that I could last the weekend without having a Forerunner, so I chose to buy it on Amazon. I opted for the 110 in the girly pink version.

I thank my fellow runner Monica for exposing me to hers on a twitter picture upload. It ultimately led me to choose this design. The red and the black were just too plan. I think I picked a good watch to start with. If I truly like it, maybe I'll look to buy one of the more intense models in the future.

Anyway, race weekend starts tomorrow and I'm hella excited/nervous. I'll be sure to update you all with the details! But for now, I'm going to celebrate this Friday evening with a bottle of Mike's and maybe some more sugary substances. :o)


Did you have any deliciously bad for you snacks today?

How about any fresh fruits, berries, or veggies?

Do you get picky when it comes to colors of technology, like the Garmin watches? Even if it's more expensive, will you buy the "prettier" or "cooler" design?

Anyone drinking tonight? What are you having?

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