Uno De Mayo & Upcoming Frederick Running Festival

Happy May 1st!

I'm already off to a great start! This morning, I registered for the Hershey Half Marathon, which is how I would love to start every day!

Nothing like a new race registration to get you pumped!

Speaking of races, I have 2 this weekend and I must say, I am becoming anxious! I was feeling just fine until I saw this status update...

6,000? What do you mean 6,000?! How many are participating in the Half Marathon alone? I thought 2,500 was crazy for the Hershey 10k. Oh, my nerves! I can barely handle Peter in the will I handle 5,999 other runners!?

Anyway, today was my last run before the Frederick Running Festival and I think I'm well prepared. I'm sticking to a comfortable pace below 9 minutes/mile on my 6 mile runs, just a tad slower fur anything over 10. I'm wondering how much my pace will differ for the races. Will I follow the Pace Group in the half? Which Pace Group should I follow? I'm debating between 2:00 and 2:10 since I usually finish 13.1 in between. If I aim for 2:00, it will be a PR.

I'm hoping I can also PR in the 5k. Right now, my best 5k is 25:55 and that was in the Turkey Trot last November.

I was so proud of myself. It was a huge victory for me! I hope I can feel as successful in this race! Also, if the 2012 results from the females aged 20-24 will be similar this year, I can see myself ranking well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

In all the excitement, I've already picked out what I will wear for the 5k.

The Half is debatable since it's so early in the morning! The race starts at 7 and we could see temps as low as 45. So I'm holding out on picking out my racing outfit.

Anyway, I'm ready for my days of rest and hoping I'll be good and ready for the festivities (and anxiety!) this weekend! Wish me luck! I'll need it!

Do you have any races you've recently registered for? Which ones are they?

Anyone gong to the Frederick Running Festival this weekend?!

Do you plan out your race apparel days in advance? Or do you wait till last minute?


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