Drunk Run & A Two Part Treadmill Workout

After a week off of running, my first mile was RWI (Running While Intoxicated).

After a Mike's Hard Mango and an Irish Trashcan, I couldn't take it anymore! I wasn't waiting until the morning. I had to run right then and there!

I grabbed my heart monitor, phone, and earbuds, then hit the NordicTrack for a Friday "Fun" Run. By "fun", I mean "plastered". I only did 1 mile under the circumstances, but, I can't lie...it was a great feeling! My Pandora station also started my run with the song "Gold Digger" by Kayne West and Jamie Fox. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I sang it out loud!

I finished the mile in 9:15, which I don't think is terrible for being drunk. Though, once I finished, I was a little light headed. But it wore off within minutes and I was fine...sober actually. I was almost compelled to run another mile, but I thought I would save my energy for the morning. I drank the rest of my drink instead.

I ended my Friday night watching the Goonies before happily passing out.

Then came morning and the "long-short" run I planned; 7 miles on the treadmill with Stefan, Damon, and Elena from Vampire Diaries. There's nothing like sexy vampires to start your day.

Unfortunately, the run didn't go as planned. After a week off all cardio activities, I think I lost some of my endurance. I was really beat around mile 3. I did manage to push through to mile 5, but I immediately called a time out.  I decided to take a lunch break and lay down for about 20 minutes. After the quick rest session, I hopped back on the treadmill to finish out the 7 miles I originally intended.

Though, I one upped myself and instead of doing 2 more miles, I did 3.1. :o)

Ignore the distance on the first pic...the satellite was going
for a treadmill run

Also, I LOVE my Garmin! I'm still getting used to it though. Haven't used it for splits...I kept forgetting. However, I have used the heart monitor and I find it pretty awesome. You don't even know it's there, in my opinion. So far, I give this watch a thumbs up!

Anyway, tomorrow I plan on getting out on the trail for what could be a 10+ mile run. My foot is feeling fine after today. It was a little tight after the run, but once I put heat on it, there was no issue. I think 10-13 miles is a realistic expectation for myself. But we shall see!

Happy Saturday!

Ever do a drunk run? Did you like it, hate it? Did you hurt yourself?

Have you ever taken a break during a running session, whether you just weren't feeling it, or just because?

What are your Saturday plans?

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