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Foot Status Update: BETTER!

I have been constantly rolling and massaging my foot and leg. I even brought my tennis ball to work to roll under my foot while at my desk. These simple tasks have made a HUGE difference. I even went on a walk on my lunch since the pain subsided almost completely! It was the best feeling I've had all week!!!

As Peter and I left the grocery store this evening, my heart sank into my stomach. The air was so warm and welcoming. It would have been perfect for a run! Though, the wait should be well worth it. My Saturday run will most likely be a 7 mile run and if that goes well, maybe a few more on Sunday.

Unfortunately, my treadmill is staring me down right now and trying to get me to make bad decisions...

Do I ever! But I may take a walk on it tonight and feel my foot/leg out a little more. Though, that could end in a few minutes of running. And those few minutes will turn into miles...etc etc etc!

Anyway! With all this injury stuff going on, I've been trying to get serious about working up my strength again. I need to find a workout that specifically caters to runners and helps them prevent injuries. If I don't have a video to guide me, chances are, I won't do it.

I saw a couple on Amazon that caught my eye, but there are not nearly enough reviews on them as I'd like to see...

But I may risk buying them just to motivate myself to get serious. Having to sit out these last few days hasn't been fun. Though I will admit, resting has had it's benefits and I think taking a week off per quarter isn't the worst idea in the world.

But enough about my lack of running, I never showed you my project...

I made my own race bling hanger out of scanned bibs & mod podge! What do you think? I was thinking of posting a "how to" or possibly starting an etsy page!

Have you ever started back into your workout routine before you were fully recovered? Anything bad happen as a result?

Do you have any running workout videos that assist with your strength, flexibility and help prevent injury? What video is it?

Do you have a medal hanger?

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