Heels & Humidity

I am proud of myself. Not only was I in bed by 10:30 (10:24 to be exact), but I was able to last the day without soda. Sure, the day is not yet over, but I lasted this long without a problem. I think I can make it another 2 or 3 hours.

On a completely different subject, I think my foot was healed by magic. After my week off, I was still experiencing some pain. It wasn't as significant as it was the week before, so I felt it wasn't enough to keep me from my most loved activity. In fact, the only time that I felt the pain was not when running, but when I walked in sneakers. Heels were a completely different story. I wore some yesterday and had absolutely no pain until I took them off.

Believe me, I'm stumped too!

I woke this morning, still with the same annoying pain. However, as the day progressed, the pain started to slowly dull down. By noon, the pain was almost completely gone. Peter and I went on a walk on our lunch break. I was prepared to do only one lap instead of our normal two. The pain was there when we began, but after lap one, it was gone. So I risked another lap and the pain did not return.

So what happened? I am completely stumped. I don't understand how I went from having a decent amount of pain this morning to suddenly losing it on the walk. Was something just out of place this whole time and just snapped back to where it needed to be? I'm thankful the pain is gone, but I wish I knew why.

Anyway, my run this evening was not enjoyable at all. It was sticky and hot on the trail. That and I was attacked by every gnat on this side of the country. I am not a fan of humid weather.

Because of that, I was highly considering the treadmill this evening. Though, if I gave in this early, I would probably end up keeping all of my runs inside till fall. So I sucked it up for a day. And my time didn't suffer too much. I finished 5 miles in 46:16. Not too shabby!

Anyway, I'm trying to hit the hay early again tonight so I have to wrap this up now to get laundry finished and lay down by 10:30 again. Seemed to do me some good last night. Figured it wouldn't hurt again!

Have a good one!!

What goals have you set and achieved lately?

Ever have an injury magically disappear when you haven't done much to make it do so?

How do you survive humidity on a run?

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  1. It WAS humid today! And I only ran 3.5 miles! I try to be as naked as possible (without getting arrested) during humid, outdoor runs. I just keep with short shorts and a sports bra! Glad your foot is feeling better :)


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