Let's Do a Quick Workout!

I don't think you could possibly understand how pumped I am about running tomorrow.

However, since it is raining pretty severely in my neck of the woods, I may have to keep it to the treadmill. I don't think a mud run would be ideal running conditions for me coming off of a foot injury.

Though, I am no stranger to getting dirty :)

Anyway, instead of doing Food Foto Friday, or write a long drawn out blog post (It's Friday, you all have better things to do than read about this red head runner), I thought I'd post a workout video that I did a few months back.

I used to do 10-20 minute workouts in combination with running. They were also great for days I didn't feel like running or didn't have time. You will hit cardio, strength and abs in less time than it would take to watch an episode of Family Guy (love family guy). Not only that time will fly by, but you're butt will be kicked!

Try to fit it in this weekend! You have 20 minutes or less to workout.

I plan on making more if you guys like this! Besides, it couldn't hurt for me to bring more fitness back into my life!!!

Have a good Friday!

Are you running this weekend? Treadmill, trail, or road?

Ever do a mud run? Do you like getting dirty or wet when you run?

Did you try my video? If so, what did you think? Feedback = Love

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