Anatomy Lesson & Injury Treatment

Ever since my pain began, I have been analyzing the anatomy of feet, paying close attention to the peroneal tendon. I've looked at XRays, surgery images, illustrations, and then some.

From what I gathered, the issue may not lie in the foot itself. The peroneal tendon begins at the base of the 5th metatarsal  (which is where I feel the dull pain) and runs up the backside of your ankle. It splits into 2 tendons, one which runs to the peroneus longus muscle, the other to the peroneus brevis muscle. All of these areas need attention if you have pain.

This video I found on youtube seemed to best explain what you should do to alleviate some of the discomfort...

I found that the most troublesome area was just above my ankle. As I rolled it and did some self massage, it seemed to relieve much of the issue. When I applied my full weight into my foot, no pain!

In my next few days of rest (today, tomorrow, and Friday), I plan to roll/massage the heck out of these muscles and tendons. Thank God someone invented these items...

I'm currently using the tennis ball on my foot as I write this and it, too, seems to help relieve a lot of the soreness.

Here's to being back in the swing of things by Saturday! Besides, I received my Garmin Forerunner 110 and it needs used ASAP!

It's not fun having a new toy that you're not allowed to play with! And I really really miss running!

Do you ever turn to YouTube to assist in solving an issue? What is one YouTube video that majorly help you with a problem? Doesn't have to be injury related...

How often to you roll? Do you only do so when injured or do you make it a habit?

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