Outfits, Uncharted Trail, and Future Heat

There's nothing like awesome color combos to make your run just a bit more fun (yay, rhyming!). If I feel I picked a great running outfit, I enjoy my run just a little more.

This is what I wore today minus the socks. For those of you that have read my past posts, you also know that awesome knee high running socks are a staple in my apparel choices.

I chose to wear my pink CEP Compression socks today, even with it being mildly humid this morning. It didn't quite dampen my running spirit, fortunately!

I also took a new direction on the C&O Canal trail today. Normally, I take the right path, running towards Williamsport; however, I decided to head downstream towards Sharpsburg this morning.

 I'm glad I made the effort to run outside of my normal path, but I found it a bit boring. When I run towards Williamsport, I get to see Dam #4, Big Slackwater (lovely view of the Potomac River) McMahon's Mill, and then some.

When I ran towards Sharpsburg, I saw a porta-potty and Lock #40. If I went farther than 4 miles out, I could have seen more. Apparently there's a cave about 6 miles out from my starting point.

I didn't want to push myself farther than I wanted to. I only wanted to max at 8 miles today. I was truly exhausted from my 15 mile run the day prior. That was proven from the 2 hour nap I took yesterday evening and waking up at 8:30, after falling asleep before midnight. I couldn't tell you the last time I slept in till 8:30. Sad.

My time wasn't too bad. Negative splits every mile. Oh, how I am beginning to love that. :o)

Anyway, one thing I want to touch on this week is running in the heat. This is probably the 1st summer I will truly deal with it full force. Last year, I wasn't doing this much distance so I didn't suffer so much. So prior to posting, I want to know how you deal with the heat? Tips, tricks, rules to live by, etc.

Have a great rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all tomorrow! :)

Does a good/bad running outfit influence how you feel about a run? What's your favorite outfit consist of?

Do you find yourself going the same trails, roads and paths? Ever mix it up to keep things interesting? Any good scenery where you go?

Hot running tips, tricks, rules to live by? 

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