I Can Add Mechanic To My Resume...

As you know, grocery day is a HUGE deal to me. I love buying delicious, nutritious food to over-stuff my tummy with. Unfortunately, we were faced with a problem that dampened my grocery lovin' spirit: Peter's car would not start.

Luckily, this happened AFTER buying our food. We probably would have never went shopping tonight otherwise (Yes, food is just that important to me). However, we were still left with an immobile vehicle and perishable food items. Thankfully, Peter's mother came to save the day by taking us and our groceries home.

On the way, I began to brainstorm...

With my vast knowledge of cars, I was able to suggest to Peter that it may be the clutch switch. By "vast knowledge of cars", I really mean "I Googled '07 STI won't start, lights still come on'."

Once we arrived home, we quickly unloaded our groceries (nothing was harmed, thank God!), ate grilled turkey sandwiches with tomato soup, then rushed back to Target to attempt my no fail plan.

I immediately got to work...

I simply tightened the bolt above the clutch and BAM, the car rumbled to life. Peter was so impressed that he said that he would give me an hour massage every day for the rest of my life.

Yeah...in my dreams.

Honestly, all I did was push down on the clutch while Peter did the real work. BUT I did find the solution! I'm sure Peter would have found it out himself, but I still would like to take a teeny bit of credit.

In the end, I'm glad that there was nothing seriously wrong with his car. That thing is sexy!

Ever been stranded due to car problems? What did you do?

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  1. I've driven old VW's for years....you wouldn't even believe the stories.


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