Going the Extra Mile...or Two.

How many celeb mentions, retweets, and favorites does it take for the awesomeness of it to wear off?

I think this is the 8th time I've been acknowledged by someone in spotlight. My first RT by a celebrity was actually Snoop Dogg. Another I was extremely excited about was Seth Green. He wished me a happy birthday 2 years ago. Oh, how I love Twitter.

Anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day, and I couldn't be more blessed with the mom that I have...

My cousin, Heather (purple overalls), me (baby), my mom,
my sister, Ashley
Peter invited her and his mother, Maria, over for a Mother's Day feast and it was very successful! We had BBQ chicken breast, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and more! It was all very delicious because our mother's deserve nothing but yummy food! I also presented my mom with a FoodSaver. She's been dying for one and since Peter and I love ours so much, I figured we'd get her the same one as we have. I'm so glad she loves it!

Now, today is my mother's birthday! So Happy Birthday, Mom!!! <3

Anyway, I decided to trash Maniac Mile Mondays until further notice. I want to wait until my foot feels like its old self again. At this point, it really feels sore more than anything. Though, my RockTape aka MiracleTape has really made a difference. I'm already prepared to buy some more.

Today, I aimed to do 5 miles since I was tired and sore from yesterday's 14. But once I hit the trail, I felt completely energized and refreshed. I ended up doing a full 7 which is extremely abnormal for me during the work week.

What was even more abnormal was my time.

Can someone say "PR"?

I paid very close attention to my Garmin today. My intent was to keep things slow. But when I saw those negative splits every mile, I figured "Why the hell not give this my all?" So, not only did I PR in my 5k and my half this month, I PRed on my 7 mile time as well.

My birth month has really treated me well, minus the foot issue.
 It's nice to see myself leave age 24 with a bang!

Have you ever been retweeted or mentioned on Twitter by a celebrity? Who was it and what did they RT or say to you?

What did you do for your mother on Mother's Day?

Have you had any PRs this month?


  1. great pace! how many miles do you run/week?

    1. Thanks. I do about 40 miles a week give or take a few miles.

  2. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed Mother's Day as well! That's an awesome PR time. I myself am trying to break my PR. It's taking a while because I took a break from running! My legs were exhausted and I needed to give my body time to recover. Keep the great work, girlfriend!

    1. Thanks! Rest up and get that PR! You can do it! :)


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