2013 is Proving To Be a Great Year!

Oh my god! I am so happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl! I’m so proud to be from the state of Maryland!


Our first Super Bowl Party in our new home was very successful too! We had a handful of friends over and had more than enough food to feed a small village. Peter and I made some Flacco-Roni & Cheese, Pitta Bagel Bites, Buffa-Lewis Chicken Dip, and Ray Rice Krispie Treats. Our friends brought some Veggie Pizza with pig skins (bacon) and muddy buddies.

Halftime with some of my favorite ladies!


Post win!


It was definitely a great time!

Now, prior to the game, I did a shorter run, only 7 miles. I thought keeping my strength for the game was more important ;-) ! Also, I had completed the 16 mile run the day prior, so it was all good. Yet, because I ate enough to feed a family of 4, I ran 7 instead of the normal 5 I do on Mondays.

During my run, I was completely in my mind. All I was thinking about was making it to 20 miles, then 26.2. I figured the route I’d take, the snacks I’d bring (Peanut M&Ms, or maybe the Pretzel kind, or both!), and Peter meeting me at the final mile marker for a victory kiss. I hope to do the 20 miles on Saturday. And if I can do that, 26.2 will be my goal prior to my birthday (May 27th). I figured if I didn’t do the marathon by the end of May, I probably wouldn’t be able to till September/October, when the weather isn’t so hot.

Only time will tell!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? If so, who did you want to win?

What’s your favorite Super Bowl food?

Did you run more miles to work off extra calories you took in?

Do you fantasize about future runs?

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