Update From the Bike

I’m being good! I’m currently at the gym perched on a stationary bike. The plan was actually to go biking on the trail, but it was way too windy for that. Can’t say that remaining indoors is my favorite thing. Especially when it’s at the gym and I have to suffer at the sight of so many runners on the treadmills behind me. But I’ll be back to running in no time!

A half hour into biking, I tried switching to the elliptical, but that didn’t feel good at all. So I’m back to biking. This will probably will be my cross training activity for the week. I may try biking outside after work tomorrow. Then on Tuesday, since we are looking at snow at ice, I’ll probably use my parent’s treadmill for a walk.

I’ll probably take a 3 day rest after Tuesday. Hopefully that’s all I’ll need and I can go back to marathon training on Saturday.

Speaking of marathons, I finally have the money for the Frederick Running Festival! I’ll be able to do my first organized half! It’s all because someone was willing to by my fitness pole! I can use half of that money for the run and start saving the other half for a treadmill. I desperately need one for the summer. Even though I hate treadmills, it’s better than subjecting myself to heat exhaustion.
But I hope you all are having a great day! I’m definitely doing better than what I thought! Though, because I’m not actually running, I may not do so much updating this week. I’ll explain why laterrr!

Have a good one!

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