C&O Canal Trail Running

Good evening, runners & those just passing by!

I am sensing amazing weather in the near future and that means I’ll be running nonstop. Peter is worried he will never see me again, which, he has every reason to be. Haha!

All I wanna do is push my limits and see what my body can really do. I feel like I’m restricting myself right now. I know I am capable of so much more. But with limited daylight and bipolar weather, my runs are ultimately punished. It’s not that I can’t subject myself to the elements or the dark. I have the clothing and night gear, but safety is my concern. I’m not familiar with this area. I’ve only lived in this neighborhood for about 2 months. I don’t know the people or the drivers. I used to live on a farm with my parents. Our neighbors where our immediate family. We didn’t have a lot of traffic on those streets. Now, I live on a main route. Once the time changes and the weather improves, I’ll have enough time to journey out to the canal as I do on the weekends. No cars. No asphalt. Just me, the river, and a few others passing by on bikes, walks, and runs.

I am so blessed to have the canal. Miles and miles of beauty. You have the Potomac River on one side of you, and on the other, trees, farmland, and historical landmarks. It’s very difficult for me to not stop and explore. If you are ever passing through MD, near the Potomac, GO TO THE CANAL. It’s 180+ miles. You are bound to love it, whether you are a biker, runner, or hiker.

I plan on doing my first 20 mile run and marathon on the canal. I have my landmarks and mile markers figured out. The only thing I’m worried about is a portion of my path now gets flooded for minimal amounts of rain. I’m hoping the rain we get on Friday will not affect my 20 mile plans or I will have to turn back. But let’s keep a positive outlook!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Have a good night!

If you had all the time in the world, would you run more or would you keep training the same as you have?

Do you have a great place to run? If so, where?

If an obstacle gets in the way of your normal running path, what do you do?

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