Valentine's Day Eve & Pain :(

I really did not want to take a rest day, but my hip has been sore all day. I’m trying to think of it as an over-worked employee (we’ve all been there). You curse and complain about doing so much and not getting paid enough. You need a mental health day. That’s what my hip is saying. I’m giving it an early weekend. Though, I’m hoping it will feel up to a short run on Friday.

As for this evening, since I wasn’t busy, I was able to grocery shop and cook a semi-good dinner (new recipe, followed the book… I’ll know better next time). Then, due to excitement and lack of patience, Peter and I exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts.

First, I got Peter Ravens slippers that matched mine.


I also got him The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-Ray since he is a HUGE Batman fan. For me, Peter got me chocolates and eye makeup. But the best gift was….


When your boyfriend buys you stuff for running distance, you know it’s love! This bad boy will join me on those 15+ mile runs.

Anyway, wish me a speedy recovery over these next few rest days! Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, and PLEASE give me your shoe suggestions (last post).

When you have pain or injury, what do you do to recover? Do you rest or lessen miles?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

What is your favorite running shoe?

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