Today, I am extremely proud to announce that…



Before you say anything, I did make it to marker 101, which would complete the full 20 mile run. However, I was so anxious to return home and rest, that I forgot to take a picture at the marker. So I settled for one at 100. Seriously though, I did make it to 20 miles!!! :)

Prior to going, I made sure I had a good breakfast, which was a cinnamon raisin bagel with jelly and an egg & cheese omelet. I included peppers and onions in the omelet as well. It was yum! I also scarfed down a Gatorade to start the hydration process.


I started my journey at a quick pace, so I was continuously having to remind myself, “take your time!” I wanted to take off, but with 20 miles ahead of me, it didn’t matter my pace. I ultimately wanted to finish and with ease…not exhaustion or pain.

I packed 2 snacks for the run. I carried a Nature Valley Granola Bar and some Pretzel M&Ms. I pulled out the bar around the 8th mile and started chomping away. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to eat and run. No wonder many opt for gels or tiny pieces of candy. I thought the bar was enough though. Didn’t ever pull out the M&Ms.

I started crying at mile 10. The halfway point was a celebration for me.

Then, during my last stretch and seeing Peter at the end, I was shocked. I was still running at a decent pace. I wasn’t crawling or wanting to finally quit. I passed by mile 20 with no issues at all. I realized that I could have made it a remaining 6.2 miles to round it off to a marathon. Though, I don’t intend on trying that till next month. Or maybe even a month after.

Right now, I’m going to celebrate this victory. The future is looking bright, but I want to live in this moment for now. I have completed another 2013 goal for myself. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 2013 is looking to be an AMAZING year!

Do you get emotional on runs? Have you ever cried?

How do you eat before you run? What & How much do you bring on the run?

How do you celebrate completing your longest distance?

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