Rest Day? Pfft!

Maybe I should’ve. Maybe I shouldn’t have. BUT….


It was too nice and gorgeous out to rest today! Screw the fact that I did 20 miles yesterday. It was in the 50s this evening! And it may snow heavily this weekend. So *blows raspberry*. I needed to run.


I only did 5 miles. A slooooow 5 miles. I really wasn’t trying to kill myself. I actually felt good. Surprisingly, no aches or pains. All that I seemed to suffer from in yesterday’s run was a blood blister on my big toe and that’s nothing!

I don’t plan on doing anything over 10 miles in the next week. Nor am I trying to do anything up in the 20s again till next month. I want to try 26.2 on my runiversary…March 16th. That’s when I’ll also get my running tattoo! Details later!

That’s all I have for now! I will leave you to ponder the following questions!

Do you run on days you should probably rest? Like after a 20+ mile run?

Do you do anything special on your runiversary? Do you know what yours is?

Do you have any running tats? If so, what do you have (don’t worry, not trying to copy)?

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