Icicles & PRs

It was FREEZING today! 18 degrees! Yet, I was determined to get a PR. I won’t be able to run too long tomorrow since I would like to save some energy for the Super Bowl (GO RAVENS #52!!!). So today, I a long one…16.13 miles. Prior to this PR, my longest distance was 15.8. Glad to hit that mile mark. Next week, I want to pay closer attention on time. I’m aiming for 3 hours for running. I actually wanted to do that today, but I was pressed for time. Had my first modeling shoot :) . More on that in a future blog post. 

On my run today, I layered majorly. For once, I felt I dressed well! I was not too hot or too cold. I also chose to wear the face mask again. I’m really thankful that I bought it! It works really well! I also included the SPIBelt, so I was able to bring both my cell and a snack!

This was actually the first run I ever brought a snack with me (Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola Bar). I will NEVER do another long run without one again. I never felt so energized up to the very end! I recommend bringing something to munch on when you run 10+ miles. Completely worth it!

I still haven’t broke out any of my new shoes. I hate getting new shoes dirty! I’m contemplating on waiting till the nice weather comes about or at least till we don’t have salt, snow or mud all over the place. I’m a loser. I need to retire these NIke’s so bad! They are shot!

Anywho, time for some drinks tonight! It’s Super Bowl Eve and I’m celebrating! Tomorrow is going to be insane!

I will leave you with some pictures of the trail I frequent.


McMahon’s Mill

The trail must have flooded the day I ran in the downpour. Made for a nice obstacle course.

image  image

Have a good night, runners!

Question time!
Have you PR’ed recently?

Do you bring snacks on long runs? What do you eat?

Do you have a difficult time parting with old shoes and switching to new?

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