Lacking Confidence

Here come the nerves! I am trying to avoid negative thoughts, but it’s been very difficult to keep the faith. I want to make it to 20 miles so bad tomorrow! I have my clothes already out, my snacks packed, and Gatorade in the freezer, but I can’t help but feel completely unprepared. I really want to fight for this and make it to my goal, but I’ve had trouble believing in myself in the past and it’s really coming through now.

I keep telling myself, that I can take it as slow as I need to, just as long as I make it to that final mile marker. Peter will be there waiting for me with a smile on. He will be able to celebrate my victory with me. And food will taste amazing afterwards!

Peter keeps encouraging me, letting me know that I can do this. He and my father had a conversation about it today. They both seem to think I could not only do the 20 miles with ease, but they think I could do the JFK 50. I can’t even think about that distance right now! I don’t even think I will prepare for something like that until next year. I’m just worried about a marathon distance at this point.

I just ask to please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. Throw me every good vibe you can. I really could use it!!!

Today I ran a good 7 miles on the trail. I finally broke in the Brook’s Grit and they felt lovely!

I’ve never bought shoes specifically for trail running and I’m glad I did. There’s definitely a huge difference in how shoes for trail and for road are designed! I can see why people love the Brook’s brand as well. They are wonderful! Though, I am still favoring my Asics at this time.

My run was also beautiful today. The sun was out and the temperature was a bit warmer than what I have been running in. I couldn’t resist taking a picture by the river.

That’s right, I run in Coach sunglasses because I’m crazy!

I’m hoping for great weather tomorrow. If it’s just as lovely, I know that will help! Just wish me lots of luck!!! I’ll inform you of my run tomorrow!

Night, runners!

Do you have trouble believing in yourself prior to a race or a big run?

Does encouragement from others help get you through a difficult race/run?

Do you prefer road or trail running?

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