Reasons Why I Need a Treadmill

Shortly after my last post, Peter helped me purchase a brand new treadmill!
We got the Nordic Track C900
Now, for someone that would chose to run in Hurricane Sandy as opposed to their parent's treadmill, you'd probably doubt that they would truly be excited. Yet, I'm jumping up and down inside. Having my own treadmill gives me more opportunities to run and less hassle!

10 Reasons Why I Need A Treadmill....

  1. I'll never have to run in snow again. I hate snow and cold. I had to rearrange my whole schedule to still get my miles in. Hell if I was driving through treacherous conditions to go to the gym!
  2. I won't have to spend time running next to strangers. I hated when they would use the treadmill right next to me and look at my stats when there are 298734892734 other empty treadmills they could use. I can feel your body heat!!! Go awaaay!
  3. I will never have to use gas just to run at the gym, which is 20+ minutes away.
  4. I won't have to be fearful of summer temperatures. If it's too hot or too humid, I won't have to sacrifice miles or my health! Same goes for winter.
  5. I won't have to deal with road camber! No more IT Band problems caused by that!
  6. I will save my joints by avoiding the road and sticking with the treadmill on days I can't drive out to the trail.
  7. I can run any time of the day! Or night! I really dislike night running, especially in the winter (haven't yet done so in the warmer months), but now, I could wait till 11 at night if I wanted to run.
  8. I can prop my laptop in front of the treadmill, catch up on shows or watch movies!!! 
  9. More quality time with Peter! The treadmill will be in the office, which he spends a great deal of time in after work.
  10. I LOVE RUNNING! Runners need treadmills

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