Awesome Outfit, Ice Baths, and Books!

Good afternoon, my lovely runners!

First and foremost, I loved my color combo today.

This was actually taken after my run, hence the exhaustion in my face

I happen to think that green and pink go very well together.

Secondly, I am happy to announce that I was able to do 10 miles on the treadmill today without stopping! I couldn't be happier! I just may be able stay on schedule with the proposed marathon date of March 15th. I'm hoping I will be up to 15 miles next Sunday and if so, I would say that the marathon is full steam ahead. Though, I'm not trying to push myself beyond my body's limit right now. If it says stop or slow down, I've been very open to doing what it wants me to do. That's not something I was so good at in the past.

After the run today, I took my very first ice bath.

It wasn't exactly the typical ice bath you'd normally see someone sit themselves in (give me a break, it was my first attempt), but I was limited on ice and time to make ice. I actually liked it though! The scariest part was actually stepping in and sitting down. Once I was past that, the rest was easy peasy. I plan on doing these after my 15+ mile runs. Hopefully I will see the benefits of it.

To add to injury prevention methods, I ordered a running book that I hope will be of help, Chi Running. I read great reviews, so let's hope this will help! I also ordered Run Less, Run Faster. After my marathon, I really need to focus on my speed. My times don't suck, but if I really want to be a true competitor, I need to speed up my pace by a minute or so. What I ordered is listed below! Including NEW SHOES!!!

Anyway, tomorrow is a half day at work for me, which means I'll have time to head to the trail! I really wanted to do trail today, but I wasn't sure if my hip was going to be bi-polar. Since it will be a short run, I shouldn't have a problem. Then I get to go to the Outback! Wooo!

Do you have any book recommendations for running?

Have you ever taken an ice bath? Would you ever consider it?

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  1. Ice bath? Hell no. If I had a vagina, possibly, but having male plumbing says NO WAY to an ice bath!


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