Mission Accomplished!

I ran 7 miles! Though, it wasn't the best 7 miles I've ever done in my life, it FELT like it was.

Prior to the run, I did some hip strengthening, which I feel should now be a daily routine. Strong hips will help prevent future injuries like what I've dealt with already.

Like my slippers?

I also decided to relace my shoes to see if changing it up will assist with my feet falling asleep. It definitely freed up some space!

I'm rethinking my love of these Asics. I'm not sure if I like them anymore. The numbness may not be a result of them, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm currently looking at some Mizuno's and Saucony's. Maybe another pair of Brook's.

I did 3 sessions on the treadmill (hopefully one of the last at the gym!). I ran for a solid 3 miles before I felt like my hip had endured enough at once. I walked it out for 5 minutes, then started running for another 2.5 miles, walked another 5 minutes, then ended with 1.5. As for pain, there was some. Though, when it became apparent, that's when I stopped and walked. Once the the discomfort dissipated, I ran again. During this run, I learned that I favor my left hip (the one I currently have issues with), probably a result of my cambered road runs. Explains more about the injury.

After finishing, I went to my mom's. She showed me a hip stretch video that I did a few moves to. Felt lovely! I will make the effort of including some of these moves in my post-run stretch.

Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt 10 miles. Probably quite similar to today's run with 3 or more sessions to complete the mileage without hurting myself. Hopefully it works out!

Post injury, how do you get back into running?

What is your favorite running shoe? Brand/Model

Do you have a must-do strengthening/stretching exercise? 

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