Unhappy IT Band

I did it. I managed to piss off my IT Band. So no running. It’s not intense. But a week away from running will have to commence now. I would never forgive myself if I completely destroyed my marathon training. I will have to deal with this. I can’t try to push myself to run, or I my IT Band will probably subject me to pain and restrict me from running for a lot longer. So one week.

I will TRY to cross-train all week. Biking, elliptical, walking, abs, and weight lifting. On top of that, foam rolling like crazy, icing, and building strength in my hips to prevent this from EVER happening again. I’ve already began the foam rolling and hip strengthening exercises.

Tomorrow, I’m picking up my bike from my parents and will attempt a 20 mile ride. As for the remainder of the week, I’ll use my parents treadmill for speed walking, and maybe hit up the gym for elliptical work. I will still have 2 complete rest days.

Now, because of my emotional breakdown running yesterday (in denial about having to stop running for a week), I failed to update my blog. The run itself was not bad! It actually felt really good. It wasn’t until I came home and sat on my butt for an hour that the tightness really kicked in.

I still want to show you the pictures from the run because it was lovely out!

Welcome to Dam #4 on the C&O Canal.

I was afraid to get any closer!

Wish me a speedy recovery this week, runners!

Do you go into denial about injuries? How do you mentally get through it?

Do you change your diet? Have you ever gained weight?

What cross-training sports do you participate in? Or do you still run?

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