Nothing Like a Run in Freezing Rain...

In every effort to avoid road running, I went to my parent's house to use their treadmill.

Family Guy on the computer :)

Now, I'm not sure how old this thing is or if it was necessarily made for distance running, but it felt like I was running on asphalt that was poured on top of concrete. There was absolutely no shock absorbance whatsoever. I also got extremely frustrated with the mileage/speed indicators. They HAD to be off. I felt like I was sprinting when the treadmill showed I was only doing a 10 minute mile. So about 2 miles in (I estimated), I hopped off, nearly calling it quits.

Then...I looked outside.

Yes, I should not be road running. Yes, it was raining. Yes, I was only wearing a short sleeved top and capris in freezing weather... BUT, I ran anyway.  The first mile wasn't so bad, but then came the freezing rain. Now, I've run in several different weather conditions. Rain, snow, hurricanes, 90 degree heat, less than 20 degree temps... but freezing rain, that was new and being inadequately dressed for it, was not helpful. All I could think about was cuddling in the microfiber blanket I just so happened to have in my car once I was done.

...and I did!

Once I left my parents, I came home and threw on a hoodie, sucked down tomato soup and inhaled a grilled PB&J. Mmmm warmth! It won't surprise me though if I end up getting sick from being chilled to the bone.

Tomorrow, I'm probably going to hit the treadmill at the gym, though I truly wanted to avoid this. The gym gets packed after 5 and sometimes it's nearly impossible to get a treadmill. I'm hoping I can beat the rush!

Have you ever impulsively run in bad weather conditions?

Have you ever been under dressed in cold weather conditions? 

Have you ever exposed yourself to the deliciousness of a grilled PB&J sandwich?


  1. ya, a poor quality treadmill can feel like u're running on bricks but i've also run on some where the pace gauge is WAY off. i hope the one's at ur gym are much better!
    okay and as for grilled PB...i was OBSESSED with them all thru grammar school, i mean every day during the summer's i would insist on them. come school i'd be so bummed they were cold. :P

    1. That's why you grill those PB&Js. We just throw them on our George Foreman and you're a few minutes away from warm, gooey, peanut buttery heaven!

      The treadmills at the gym are so much better! I'm hoping when I get my treadmill delivered, it feels just as good.

  2. Everything but the pb&j...hate peanut butter unless its surrounded by chocolate.


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