Meet My New Asics

I finally did it. I finally sucked it up and wore a pair of my new shoes.

Say hello to my Asics!

My first run in them was an absolute dream! My feet didn’t fall asleep like they recently have been. I’m not sure if it had been because my old Nike’s were worn beyond 500 miles, or maybe I had the laces too tight. Either way, the Asics did not give me similar problems that my Nike’s did. They were very roomy for my giant hobbit feet, even though the size measurements were the same as my NIke’s. I’m not sure if that means Nike’s run small or Asics run big. In the end, it doesn’t matter. I love my Asics!  Nothing sucks more than to have an uncomfortable run and today’s definitely did not suck.

To be honest, I’m not too happy with my color choice. I’m normally Plain Jane when it comes to shoes [as you can see, that does not apply to my socks], but now, I think I’d like really flashy shoes. My Brook’s are somewhat flashy. Unfortunately, I have to return a pair of them. The shoes I got for the road, although my normal size, hurt my toes so bad. The ones I got for trail, they were perfect when I tried them on! Same size. So I have no clue what’s with that, but I’m gonna send the tight shoes back and order up a size.

As for my run today, it was just as great as yesterday’s [better if you factor in the new shoes]. My times were about 2 minutes better than what I normally see. It’s not a PR, but definitely an improvement from where I’ve been falling these past few weeks.

Now I’m ready for my rest days! Gotta prep for my planned 20 miles! Pray that I will be triumphant in completing this journey!

Have a good week, runners!

What do you look for in a new running shoe?

Do you go for flashy or plain shoes? Does it even matter?

Are you preparing for an important run?

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