Quarter Life Crisis, Sleepy Feet, and Sore Butt!

I am really having a rough time with my age this year. Although,  I don't consider 24 to be "old", I'm having difficulty adjusting to being an adult. In December, my boyfriend and I bought our first house. Prior to doing so, I was just a kid living in my parent's basement.  It was a pretty awesome basement though!

Needless to say, moving into a house was a huge transition for me. Financially, I'm fine. I just see owning a house as a huge entrance into adulthood. 

On top of that, my body functionality has changed. I can't stay up late, I can't sleep in. I need caffeine like it's going out of style. 

Now, I don't think I should put all the blame on age. I am exerting more energy than I ever have with running. That and I have a house to maintain. However, when I try to picture myself with a house and running when I was 21, I think I would've had tons more energy than I do now.

Ugh, and my skin is just...different. It's dry (even when I moisturize 9327498237 times a day) and the winkles in my forehead are becoming pretty pronounced. I wish I didn't care so much. I can't change the fact that I'm growing up.

But what does a 24, going on 25 year old get themselves for a quarter life crisis?

I'm thinking a treadmill.Though, there's one big factor getting in the way....MONEY! I know I won't have an issue if I do a "Bill Me Later" type of deal. I'm pretty much halfway there already. I just find it difficult to commit to big purchases. I do need this though. After today's run, I know I need one now more than ever...

As some of you may know, I took a load off because of tightness and soreness in my leg after a 20 mile run. I foam rolled, took anti-inflammatory pills, iced and cross trained. My leg felt fine. So I decided to test it with a 5 mile run today. 

It was not a pleasant run. 

I came home crying. My feet had gone numb and my butt cramped up (not sure if that was from leg issues or soreness from Jillian Michaels). It began about 2.5 miles in. I was able to "deal with it" up till about 4 miles. Then I was just running to get home quicker. I have no idea what had happened. This seemed completely unrelated to what was going on prior to taking these days off. So, I'm taking a few more days off. If there's no change by the weekend, I'm scheduling a doctor's appointment.

Did you ever have a quarter-life crisis? Did you buy anything?

As you age, what are you most concerned about?

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