Battle Wounds & Upcoming Races

Is it strange that I'm proud of my black toenails and blisters?

In the last few weeks, I've earned 2 black toe nails and a blister the size of my thumb.  I don't look at these eye sores and think "Ew, my feet are horrendous." My feet are actually pretty horrendous, but, it's like a friend mentioned... These injuries are simply battle wounds and they make you a bad ass. Think of it as a hero in a movie, the ones that have scars or wounds on their body. You don't look at them and scoff, "Pfft, sissy!" No. Those are the people you know that have seen it all, lived through it, and continue to fight. And that's what I think when it comes to my feet.

Now, before I further disgust you with my blister fetish, I will talk about today's run :) .

I was lucky to hit the trail today. I had a half day of work and the weather was perfect. Initially, I planned for 5 miles, which is typical for a Monday, but ended up hitting 7. My time was not so great, but I've not been concerned with it so much lately. I just want the distance. I'm hopeful I'll be between 13 and 15 this weekend.

Once I complete my marathon run, then I'll challenge myself with time. This past year has kept distance as the focus. It would be nice if I could improve my times on those distances. Then, participating in races will be even more exciting. I plan on doing quite a few of them this year actually. I'm officially registered for 2 (a 10k at Hershey Park and a half in Frederick) and there's a half in Hershey I'm waiting for registration to open up on. I've seen a few more listings for runs I could do. The Color Run is one I'm currently debating. But money is always a concern.

Oh, if I had all the money in the world, I'd do every race around. They are so much fun! So not only do I want American Eagle & Under Armour gift cards for my birthdays and Christmas, throw in some money for these runs! Please :)

What do you think of running blisters? Do you think of them as battle wounds like I do?

What races are you looking to participate in this year?

Does the cost of a race determine whether you are participating or not?


  1. My toenails fall off sometimes and I'm very proud when that happens. In fact, I almost don't like putting nail polish on them because I want people to see my black ugly toenails. Yes, I'm that weird.

    Costs of races don't deter me too much now but they certainly would have when I was your age! :)

    1. Ouch! I've never had toenails fall off before! I imagine it feels very strange.

      And as a new homeowner, I'm still readjusting how I spend my money, and races have to be factored in last, unfortunately.


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