My Butt is Getting Special Treatment

I'm so uncomfortable right now! It's not even directly associated with the pain itself! It's situating myself with having ice packs or a heating pad on. I'm having to maneuver my body in different laying or sitting positions just to feel somewhat comfortable. I've moved about 3 times since starting this post just to reach a point of tolerance. 

Heating up my butt

My hand has also really never left my backside. Nothing has felt more relieving than pushing my thumb into the trouble area (right along side my butt and hip). I've read that this could be in relation to my sciatic nerve. Perhaps it's the nerve itself or inflammation of the Piriformis muscle that passes over the nerve. I don't want to assume anything. Though if the pain remains through Monday, I guess I'll have nothing more to do than to call my doctor.

One thing I do know for sure though is that I'm giving up road running for a while. I'm not saying that has caused my issues, but it's definitely not helped. Cambered roads, hard surfaces... I'm sure it's not only ruining my running form, but every joint in my legs and hips. For some time, I'm sticking with a treadmill or a trail.

Hopefully sooner than later. I'm feeling like an obtuse piece of lard.

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