Race Recap: Hershey 10k

The Hershey 10k was unlike any race I have ever participated in. I don't have many under my belt, but so far, this one was my favorite!

I woke up at 5:30am from race nerves and our friendly hotel neighbors pretending they were rabbits (this had been going on all night). Since it was a bit chillier than what I've been used to (80+ degree weather be damned!), I opted for my running tights and a long sleeved shirt. My knee high rainbow socks were a must, regardless of the weather!

I also had trouble debating on whether I'd wear my Asics or my Brooks, but as you can see, I chose the Asics. They haven't had many miles put on them. Poor guys have been neglected! :o(

The bibs provided were very cool. Not only did it have the runner's name, but the time chips were attached to the back. I've only ever used the chips you attach to your shoe.

Prior to 7am, the runners met at the Hershey Stadium. Many, like myself, were freezing, but a few laps around the stadium helped warm me up enough to shed my jacket and take pictures!

Then it was off to the starting line!

There were so many runners! I was so overwhelmed! And because the race was packed full, it took about 2 minutes after gun shot to actually cross the starting line.

But after that, the race went so smooth! 

I made it a point not go to fast. I tend to get a huge adrenaline rush at the beginning of a race, throwing me into a speed frenzy and draining myself of all energy. This time, my energy level stayed consistent as I was mindful of my pace.

One thing I particularly loved about this race was those spectating. Although most showed up for their families & friends, some showed as support for every runner. The signs they held were comical, like "Worst Parade Ever!" and "The reason your feet hurt is because you're kicking so much butt!" Thumbs up to you guys for making me laugh and feel loved!

However, the best part about the course was when you were directed right into the amusement park! The crew had the Ferris Wheel going, some of the coasters were operational and zooming past as you ran. Then, the staff that directed the runners, they were all cheering us all on. Major kudos to them! You guys were so motivational!!

The race went by really quick and I was approached the final stretch in no time! I booked it, too!

My end time was 57:43, which was immediately emailed to me (another awesome chip perk!). Medals and chocolate were given out once you crossed the finish line.

Overall, I finished in the top half of the 2250 that participated. My place was 1075. Out of 1434 women, I ranked a541. I was 90 out of 200 for my age group of 14-24.

I give this race a 10! It has definitely convinced me to sign up for the Hershey Half Marathon once registration opens in May!!!

Are you gonna come with me??


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