100 Reasons Why I Run - A Work In Progress

I am struggling with life in general today and my mind is filled with negativity.  When I initially wrote my blog post today, it quickly went from the subject of running, to "I hate my life and let me list the reasons why". I decided to abstain from posting such ugliness to my blog and opt for "Reasons Why I Run".

This is something I've wanted to post for some time. During my last few runs, I began to mentally make a list. I want to make it to 100, but for now, my brain has thought up with the following. I will add more as they pop into my head.
  1. Relieve stress
  2. Release aggression
  3. Eat more
  4. Stay in shape
  5. Have a sense of worth
  6. Meet new people
  7. Make up for the years I didn't run
  8. Races
  9. Medals
  10. Race shirts
  11. Bibs
  12. Cool shoes
  13. To inspire others
  14. Feel accomplished
  15. Surprise myself
  16. Challenge myself
  17. Journey to new places
  18. Impress others
  19. Maintain sanity
  20. Time to think
  21. Time alone
  22. Go farther distances
  23. Knee high, colorful running socks
  24. Faster pace
  25. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  26. Compete in a marathon
  27. Win first for my age group
  28. PRs
  29. Funny/embarrassing/bad race photos
  30. Support from others
  31. Confidence
  32. Enjoy nice weather

What are some of your reasons for running?

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