Sweet Saturday at Hershey

Happy Sunday all! Have you enjoyed your weekend? Mine was filled of chocolate-y fun in Hershey, PA!

We began our Saturday sitting down to lunch at Red Robin for some pre-fun fuel! We were going to need it for sure. For our appetizer, we had their tower of onion rings...

Peter and I came to the conclusion that they put the onions on a paper towel holder.

For my main meal, I enjoyed a Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich, while Peter chowed down on the Whiskey River BBQ Burger. Mine was good, but his seemed much better. Next time...

Once we finished up, we headed to the park, starting at Hershey's Chocolate World. A trip to Hershey Park is not complete if you skip this ride. Sure, maybe you are into extreme roller coasters that leave your stomach in your throat, but what ride is better than one that gives you a free Hershey Bar at the end?

And who doesn't love staring at piles and piles of chocolate?

Since we were still digesting our lunch, we went to the Ferris Wheel next. It was a beautiful day and nothing is better than getting a full view of every ride you are about to get on.

Roller coasters immediately followed! Each photo snapped on a ride made me look like I was crying or in pain, but I had a blast on them all!!! Especially, Storm Runner. Prior to being shot off at the speed of light, I couldn't help but wonder why I put myself in the same seat for a 3rd time in my life. It leaves me practically immobile and speechless at the end. But that just tells you it's a great ride!

The lines were also great! The longest line we stood in was probably 45 minutes long. That's nothing compared to how it gets in the summer. Those lines could last for hours! Lucky for us, we were able to knock out 8 rides in the 5 hours we were at the park.

By 6, we were tuckered out (we are old people) and headed to our hotel. After spending 20 minutes looking for and finally getting into our room, we finished our Red Robin leftovers, watched a House marathon and probably passed out around 9 or 10pm (once again...old people).

RACE DAY was upon us!!!

Have you ever been to Red Robin? What's your favorite appetizer/meal?

Do you love Hershey's Chocolate? What's your favorite candy? Reese's? Kit-Kats? Jolly Ranchers?...
 - You can't go wrong with Reese's!!

Have you ever visited Hershey Park? Have a favorite ride?

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