Am I Nutty Enough?

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I seriously believe Peter and I have one of the greatest Mac & Cheese recipes. There's no denying it ranks high up on the "Best Mac & Cheese Recipe Ever" list.

You know what's even better about it? It's a secret recipe! Muahahaha!

It is honestly something we put together on a whim one evening. We looked in our fridge, saw something we needed to get rid of and BOOM, an amazing recipe was born.

That's what we cooked up tonight.

 Now, who wants to come over and try it because this recipe is not leaving our lips! :)

Anyway, today was not only a rest day from running, but GROCERY day as well! My favorite item purchased this week was a lonely cucumber.

He will definitely go lovely in the salad that I'm planning for myself.

I also had some amazing deals to go with my coupons today! I was so excited to see that a dozen of eggs was on sale for only .99. So I bought another since I had a coupon for a dollar off 2. In the end, I only paid .98 for 2 dozen eggs!!! What a steal! I'm not a couponer, but when I do get a significant deal I get excited.

Now, to the subject of running (That's why I made this blog, remember?). I received my free race entry for the Frederick Half today. I already bought my ticket and they do not issue refunds. So I was given the option to use it for next year's half OR for this year's 5K which is the day before. If you participate in both the 5k and the half, you get a "Nut Job" award.

I'm not gonna lie, having another medal is really convincing! I have until April 15th to make a decision. The only thing that's holding me back is driving all the way out to Frederick two days in a row.

What do you think?

Do you have a super secret, private recipe? Passed down or did you create it?

 Have you ever thrown random stuff into a dinner and it turn out amazing? Care to share?

What was your favorite food purchase this week?

Am I nuts enough to do a 5k race just to get the "Nut Job" medal?


  1. Go for the "Nut Job" award! You could always use the 5K as a warm up run. It will be fun to have the special medal!

    1. Right! I'm in the middle of making a medal rack in preparation for these next few races. I'm becoming medal obsessed lol.


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