Treadmill: A Love Story & Produce Pandemonium!

How did I do a complete 180 on my treadmill opinion? I used to refer to them as the "dreadmill". Then I purchased my Nordic Track C900. Now, I try to find excuses to use the treadmill. Like, "it's too cold/windy outside." I've run in 15 degree weather for 15 miles! Our average temperatures now range in the 40s and I think it's too cold?

Coldest run on the C&O Canal

I think my decision lies solely on the ability to challenge myself with speed and inclines. The outdoor trail I run does not have hills and I don't have a way of monitoring my speed. I've been kicking so much ass on the treadmill too and it is difficult to chose the trail because of it.

Though, on the weekends, I will always do trail. I will never run more than 7-10 miles on a treadmill. BORING! I couldn't imagine lasting a 15 mile run staring out the window at the neighbor's yard. Creepy!

Anyway, on my run this evening, Peter was checking on our peppers and to our surprise, they have really started growing!

I'm so ready to have pepper babies! I've even considered naming them!

We also checked our other germinating seeds...

Everything so far has sprouted. Our tomatoes have only had two sprouted seeds but hopefully they will start picking up the pace! I want a salad made of every vegetable we are growing now!

Do you use a treadmill? Does it help you track/challenge your speed? Do you do inclines?

How cold is too cold when running outside?

What are your favorite veggies? Ever grow any yourself?


  1. Just stumbled across your blog today, the name Freckles caught my eye. That's what I call my husband. :)

    I'm not a treadmill runner, but I like that it would be easy to add a bunch of hills to a workout.
    As for the cold, I haven't found a temperature that kept me inside yet and I used to live in if that doesn't scare me inside for my runs, I don't know what will.
    The best thing about my home is that half of my backyard is a garden. It is chillier here, so I grow mostly cold weather veggies (broccoli, kale, spinach, peas, etc.) with some green beans and berries. My husband was raised a farmer, so he's a great gardener!

    1. Ouch! I couldn't begin to imagine what running in Alaska felt like during the coldest time of the year. Even though I'd imagine all year there is pretty cold.

      I was born into a farmer's family, so I hope I possess a green thumb and that my veggies will prosper. Good luck with your garden!

  2. It is still a "dreadmill" to me. I don't have a gym membership right now, so the only time I ever access to one is when we are traveling. I will use it... but no fun. I think I could get used to it, and I do think it would be a good way to work on speed!! Happy Wednesday!!

    1. I hate running at the gym! I was never a fan of being stuck around strangers. Also, their treadmills were preset to only allow you to run so long. I'm thankful to have a treadmill at home. It's nice to chat with my boyfriend while running or chose to run inside when it's too rainy, cold, or hot (I'm really bad when it comes to extreme cold or heat).


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