Revisiting the Marathon

This would most likely be the worst time of the year to start training for a marathon. Summer temperatures are right around the corner! BUT I'm not going to hit 26.2 just dreaming about it. It is a 2013 goal and I'm not throwing in the towel!

I've been taking it easy since my first marathon attempt in March. I haven't done more than 14 miles  since. Though, I think I am ready to get serious again and start a legit training plan. This time, not  "Lindsey's Randomly Thought Out Marathon Training Plan". It didn't work...

Unfortunately, the Hal Higdon program just doesn't seem to suite my schedule either. Regardless of experience, each program starts you out at 3 miles. For me, 3 miles just isn't enough. If I started halfway into the plan just to have at least five miles in a given day, I'd have to do an 18 mile run this weekend. I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I will have to put together a well thought out plan that will not only suite my schedule and needs, but follow the expectations that the premade programs have.

Here are some of my current marathon training goals:
  • Eat properly with the intense training this will bring.

  • Respect my body by stretching, doing yoga, resting when needed, etc. I have a bad habit of skipping on stretches and over doing runs. I'm pretty sure that's a no-no and an injury inducer. I also don't get nearly as much sleep as I should. Most of the time, it's not intentional. I blame the furry creature I share the bed with. And I don't mean Peter.

  • Be more aware of pace! I suck at this and thankfully, I'm catching it now. Although my average mile time is better than ever, I'm having more positive splits than negative. Maybe I should ask for a Garmin for my birthday (Hint). It would really help with marathon training :)

I have definitely learned from my failed marathon attempt and I know what I need to do this time to be better prepared. When I figure out my schedule, I'll be sure to post it. I'm thinking I'll start developing a calendar tomorrow!

Have you ever done a marathon or have intentions to do so? If so, what was/is your training plan? Do you make your own or follow a premade?

What are your marathon/race goals, whether it's specific to the race or for training?


    1. A marathon is on my to do list, but all of my attempts have been stopped with injuries. I would say yoga and lower body strength training are essential elements that I was leaving out. Good luck with your training!

      1. Yeah, with me, my hips always take a beating and they definitely need some strengthening. I just always use the excuse that "I don't have the time". But I guess I don't have the time to be injured either.

        Thanks! Hopefully we will be able to cross off a marathon from our "to-do" lists soon! :)


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