Pray for Boston

I had a post saved up and ready to go, but I feel it more appropriate to mention the Boston Marathon.

Today was the very first time I tuned into the race. In the past, I never had the interest to watch. I wasn't heavily into running, if I was running at all.

I was extremely excited to catch it this morning! I hurried through an 8 mile trail run, just so I could see if right from the start. I made it home just in time to see the elite women begin.

I dream to be one of these women; an elite runner!! Though, I would be content to simply qualify for the Boston Marathon. I just need a 3:35:00 marathon time and to actually complete a marathon. I've got a lot of training to do!

Soon after the top 10 women completed their journey, I moved on with my day, never returning back to catch additional highlights.

It was not until Peter returned home from work when I found out about the tragedy. I was disgusted when I heard that some had lost their lives or were seriously injured today. They were either a runner, or a supporter of the runners. All innocent! The race was not politically based or in any way controversial. So why are you ruining an event of this nature?

They are just running, cheering, having the time of their lives. What is the harm in that?

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