Meh Mile Monday

Maniac Mile Monday was Mildly Mundane (how many "M" words can you use in a sentence!?). My time was exactly the same as last Monday and I felt like this week was 10x harder. The only thing I changed was increasing the speed and keeping it the same the whole run. Typically, I start slower and end at a higher speed.

I looked like this afterwards...

I am getting a little frustrated that I'm not in the 6 minute range yet. I don't want this setback to get the best of m because if I quit, I will never see 6:59. Though, it's really not motivating when there is no improvement. Perhaps I should switch Maniac Mile Monday to one of my 2 rest days. It may show help if I don't include it among other workouts. Unfortunately, I can't think of a clever name right now for another day. So Monday it will remain.

My normal run on the trail wasn't too bad, with the exception of choking on gnat clouds.

I'm going to just LOVE the cicadas this summer!

Anyway, I kept an average pace of 8:41/mile. I like when I see that my pace has excited the 9 minute range.

Tomorrow, I'm considering yet another road run at my parent's. I was almost dreading the trail today. I've been having the attitude "Ugh, again!?" when it comes to the C&O Canal. The road run may help, though I don't want to make it a habit. The last thing I need to do is revert back to road running every day and injuring myself.

Happy Monday everyone! YOU MADE IT!

How do you deal with a running plateau?

 Do you frequently run the same route? Does it ever get boring?

Will you be dealing with the cicadas this year? 

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