Easter Food Hangover

Did everyone have a lovely Easter? Mine may have been a tad bit too lovely.

There was SO MUCH FOOD!
Since Peter and I were hosting the dinner, we provided the main course: Smoked ham slow cooked in brown sugar & pineapple.

I also constructed a lovely bacon weave to go on the ham. 

I just wanted an excuse to make a bacon weave.

We also supplied the mashed potatoes. They turned out so much better than our Christmas batch (we remembered to use the electric hand mixer this time). Our families also contributed spectacular sides...Broccoli and cheese casserole, green bean casserole, Romanian salad, meatballs, and homemade bread. For dessert, my mom baked a coconut cake with cream cheese icing. Thanks mom!!!

Now, I'm feeling quite ginormous...like a woman that's 4-6 months pregnant. I wouldn't know from experience, but it looks that way to me. To remedy the feeling, the baby and I felt that we desperately needed, not one, but two post-Easter runs.

I'm getting ever so close to making it under 45 minutes for 5 miles. 

Since it's also Maniac Mile Monday, I was able to add yet another ham burning workout to my day.

I beat my last run by ONE WHOLE SECOND. But it's an improvement! Any improvement is an accomplishment! Even if you feel like your stomach is going to explode and spray Easter ham every where.

What was your favorite Easter dish this year?
- My mom's broccoli and cheese casserole is so yummy!!! I need to steal her recipe!

Are you also recovering from an Easter Food Hangover? Did you workout to help remedy it?

Have any leftovers you plan on creating with your Easter ham?
-Our secret Mac & Cheese recipe with ham bits. Possibly Chicken Cordon Bleu. Already enjoyed a veggie salad with ham for lunch, a ham sandwich for dinner, and I've prepared a ham wrap with veggies  for tomorrow.

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