Quarter Day of Work/Food Foto Friday Part 1

Am I the only employed individual that would go in for a 2.5 hour work day? Probably. I had a doctor's appointment today and decided 5.5 hours was enough time to cover a 30 minute appointment. Actually, it was done that way to keep my time off balances to full days, not partials.

Like most normal individuals, if you didn't have to be at work in the morning, you'd sleep in, right? Not me! I was up making breakfast for me and my man.

Normally, I put grape jelly on my bagel, but today, it was a cinnamon and Splenda sugar kinda Friday. Scrambled eggs with Mexican blend cheese joined in on the breakfast party.

After eating, I lounged around, playing Candy Crush Saga because candy and puzzle games similar to Bejeweled are a weakness of mine. This game may actually end my relationship with Peter. Poor guy has been taking a backseat to my addiction every evening.

I went to my doctor's appointment, which ended with a bad taste in my mouth. However, the one positive I got from it was my consistently awesome blood pressure. I'm considered "low normal". My doc said it's because I'm an athlete. Love it! I will take that as a compliment.

Following my appointment, I bought myself my Friday Sheetz latte and snuggled up with my kitty to play more Candy Crush.

She looks thrilled!

I also did some laundry so I wasn't completely unproductive.

Got Jeans?

For lunch, I enjoyed some leftover beef mac, which seems to be even tastier two days later.

Now I'm off to work. It's going to be a rough 2.5 hours, I'm telling you. That whole 30 minute meeting, a 15 minute break, maybe some follow up calls...so so rough. ;o)

Be back for part II of Food Foto Friday!

Have you ever went in for less than a half day of work?

Do you play Candy Crush Saga or any of those other addictive mobile/Facebook games?

What are you eating today?

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