New Race on the Agenda!

I signed up for a race today! After Hershey, I am addicted and need the race high again! I'm frantically searching for races to compete in over the next several months!

Freedom's Run is the one I registered for today. It's pretty close to where I live actually. All I have to do is take a right out of my driveway, go a straight a few miles, and there's the race. You can choose a marathon, half marathon, 10k, or 5k. I'm opting for the half as I am not 100% confident about participating in an official marathon this year. I can always transfer if I feel more comfortable in the next few months.

The next one I'm guaranteed to do is the Hershey Half Marathon. Because I LOVED the 10k so much, there is absolutely no question if I will be participating in the half this year. I already have the hotel picked and ready to go! What's even more appealing about this race is that they are giving you free tickets to the amusement park for the weekend. Win!

There are a couple here and there that I'm considering, like a 10k, and maybe two 5k races I did last year, but I'm keeping my eyes open for halfs that are local. I'd rather put my money towards those than to put it away on a half.

Anyway, today I had off work! Woo! So I was able to put in some additional miles. I did 8 miles on the trail and 1 mile because it's MANIAC MILE MONDAY!!!

I improved by yet another second. At this rate, it will take me 15 more weeks to get under 7 minutes. I need to step it up!!! I'd really like to see myself under 7:10 next week.

What competitive race distances do you prefer to sign up for?

Do you try to compete in more localized races or would you rather travel?

How do you quickly improve your speed?

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