A PR On This Beautiful Maniac Mile Monday!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

A cell phone is a poor representation of how beautiful it really was, BUT LOOK AT THAT TEMPERATURE! This is the weather I've been waiting months for. I cannot believe I even contemplated for a second on whether I wanted to run outside or stay on the treadmill this evening.

In the end, I decided that my white legs were in desperate need of some sun!

Sadly, they won't get darker than this. Only freckled.

One reason I thought of just sticking to the treadmill was simply because I really am craving Coldstone. If you recall in one of my previous posts, I made a goal for myself. If I reached 44:59 or better on a 5 mile run this week, I would reward myself with ice cream! I figured the treadmill would be the easiest way to achieve this, BUT I had ALL week to accomplish this, so I hit the trail anyway....

I almost cried when I saw my time. I knew I was doing really good on the run, but I didn't realize I was doing that good! Not only did blow away my goal for the week, but I earned my best 5 mile time ever!!! Getting new PRs kick so much ass! Coldstone is going to taste so good!!!

I also got a second better on my Maniac Mile. Not a PR, but still improving and getting to where I was.

Overall, a great day!!!

Did you have lovely weather today? Did you go outside to run?

Any recent PRs that you've achieved?

What are your goals for the summer?

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