Muffins, Overheated Short Runs, and Ugly Runner Feet

Here is a picture to make you all drool. 

Bad lighting, sorry!

Peter and I (primarily Peter) made our delicious banana nut muffins. It's sad that we allow our bananas to go dangerously ripe just to make a double batch. I give them a week till they are gone. They are just that amazing. Seriously...make them!

Now on to a picture that will make you cringe. I apologize ahead of time, but feel free to scroll up to remember the yummy muffin picture I posted!
If you ever wondered what a runner's feet look like, here is a good example.

I don't know how I developed blisters on the exact same toe just on the opposite foot. They don't even hurt, so you can imagine my surprise when I caught a glimpse of them. Yet, I can't help but love my runner's feet (read about my feelings here). The imperfections make me proud!

Anyway, I added an extra mile to my short run today. Typically, a short run for me is five miles. I want to increase that to six for the summer. Five miles has been my short run distance for months and I run that three days out of the week. It's time to turn it up a notch.  To start, I'm going to add an extra mile to one of those three days. Since I have Maniac Mile on Monday and I'm technically doing six already, I will do it either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Today, I went ahead and gave it a try on the trail. It's not like I haven't done six miles before...I do over ten on the weekends. Though, I was not prepared to get as sweaty as I did.  

Is there such a thing as too nice too fast? Last week, our temperatures were in the 50s. Now, we are rubbing shoulders with 80 degree weather. And the gnats! They stuck to my skin like fly paper! It felt like it was July and I struggled a little because of it. I was not ready for this heat. Luckily, my time didn't suffer too much. I finished in 54:49. Thankfully, when I do the Hershey 10k this weekend, it will only be in the 60s. 

Do you have a favorite type of muffin? Do you have a good recipe to share?

Do you have a heat threshold that will keep you from running outside?

Had any blisters show up recently? Any black toenails or ones that have fallen off?

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