This Relationship is Over!

I think the friendship between me and my shoes is over.

These Asics were suggested to me as a great road running shoe, but I've only been through Hell with them. They are making my feel are fall asleep, making my ankles swell up, and above all, they are just plan uncomfortable. I have tried to tie them in obnoxious patterns to help alleviate some of the pressure they put on my feet, but I've not found any success.

At first, I thought the discomfort was simply from road running since I haven't done it in a while. Though, when I did a road run with my Brook's on Sunday, it was apparent that the Asics were the problem. My Brook's didn't leave me hating life.

I was willing to give the Asics one last shot today, so I wore them on a road run around my parent's. Unfortunately, they didn't prove themselves. I had to make several deals with myself just to finish the route in it's entirety, not take a short cut to peel the shoes off my feet and burning them. The deal that I decided on was if I completed the route, I would get to put my strength training off till tomorrow. I was willing to run through anything at that point. :)

I don't mean to be so cruel to a pair of shoes, but these are at the bottom of my list. Nobody should ever be that uncomfortable on any run! I may just invest in another pair of Brook's or go back to a pair of Nike's for the road.

But other than that, my run went fairly well! I actually did a longer run than intended.

I can't help but be curious if I would have done better if I wore different shoes.

Ever purchase a running shoe that didn't work out? What did you do with them?

What kind of deals have you made with yourself to finish a workout?

What are your feelings on Asics? What is your favorite running shoe?


  1. Which model is that? Looks a lot like GEL-EXCEL33?

  2. Bummer about the shoes. No fun to have to get rid of a pair. I have a huge fan of Brooks. I have never run in Asics.

    1. I do love my Brooks. I'm thinking about getting those once I have a little more money saved up. What kind do you have?

  3. I am wearing a pair of Asics gels. I love them. They fit me like a glove. "your feet may vary"

    1. I figured shoe success was more dependent on the runner. I was just really disappointed they didn't work out for me. I wanted them to, but it was just not good to keep putting myself through the pain just to get my money's worth.


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